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Bible School meets on Monday's and Seminary meets on Thursday (7-9 p.m.).
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Dr. Jon Hanson, Chief Academic Officer

2014 Fall-Winter Seminary Courses
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Systematic Theology 3 (TH 512)

Starts: Thursday, Sept. 18th 7-9pm
Ends December 11th

Systematic Theology is the collecting, scientifically arranging, comparing, exhibiting, and defending of all facts from any and every source concerning God and His works. This is the third course of a three course sequence that looks at the nine components of Systematic Theology: Theology Proper, Christology, Pneumatology, Angelology, Anthropology, Soteriology, Israelology, Ecclesiology, and Eschatology. The course will examine the doctrine of the Church (Ecclesiology) and end times (Eschatology).

Please Note Instructor: Pastor Terry Kern, ThM


2014 Fall-Winter Bible School Courses

Apologetics 1 - Introduction to Philosophy and Logical Thinking (EM321)

Starts: Monday, Sept. 15th
Ends: October 20th

This course aims at being an introduction to philosophical thinking in general rather than to provide a full survey of philosophical disciplines, their methods, doctrines, and leading ideas. We shall examine several characteristic examples illustrating how classical and modern thinkers formulate their questions and how they grapple with their issues in contrast to ordinary, religious, and scientific consciousness. Consequently, we shall focus on questions (i.e., Is knowledge possible? Does it come from reason or from experience? What is the ultimate substance of the world? Is it material or ideal? Are human actions free or determined? Does God exist? Why is there evil? Are moral norms relative or absolute?) In addition, the course will provide a preliminary orientation about the notion of philosophical argument, its various forms, and the ways arguments should be analyzed.
Instructor: Dr. Jon Hanson

Apologetics 2 - Argumentation (EM421)

Starts: Monday, Nov. 3rd
Ends: Dec. 8th

This course is a continuation of EM321. In this course we will continue our study of apologetic methods and examine more closely how to develop a personal form of argumentation so that the student can (1) bolster the faith of Christian believers and (2) aid in the process of evangelism.
Instructor: Dr. Jon Hanson


IMPORTANT MESSAGE! We are not yet approved by the state of North Dakota to offer degrees but we are in the process of attaining accredidation!

With that said, we believe you will not find a better "biblically sound" education anywhere in the midwest than right here at Northern Plains Biblical Seminary!

Everything on this site is contingent upon us receiving our Authorization to Operate from the State of North Dakota. Check out our site to see what we hope to have in place in the near future!

Many of our students take our classes to grow closer to God through knowledge of His Word. We also have students who one day will beable to receive their degree from the courses they have taken here at NPBS once we are accredited through the state of North Dakota.

The Seminary is a graduate program for preparing people for ministry. This program is not only for pastors, but all people desiring to work in the ministry of Christ. This includes pastors, youth leaders, teachers, missionaries, Elders, church workers, etc. Courses in this track are more demanding and require much reading and writing. All Seminary level courses can be taken for credit or they can be audited (especially for students who just want to learn).

The Northern Plains Biblical Seminary offers students the ability to earn any of 3 Masters degrees. Click here to learn more.

The Bible School is an undergraduate program aimed at preparing people for the ministry or for eventuall advancement into the Seminary. This course is for all students who desire to earn a Bachelor level degree. Courses in this track are less demanding with less reading and writing. Courses in this track lead to a general Christian Education but will also include more secular basic courses such as Writing and general math and science. Courses in the Bible School can be taken for credit or Pass/Fail.

The Northern Plains Bible School offers students the ability to earn a 2-year associates degree. Click here to learn more.

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NPBS Course Registration/Tuition Fees
General Information * fees may vary course to course


Student Registration: (one time only)
The Registration Fee is a one-time charge to get students on our list and to keep their records up to date and covers both the Seminary and Bible School at once.
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Tuition - course dependent but generally:
Seminary tuition: $35 per credit hour (may vary based on course)
Bible School tuition: $25 per credit hour (may vary based on course)

See course description for pricing and possible discounts.

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(NOTE: * Degree programs cannot be offered at this time, but are included so students can see the track we will be taking)


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All classes can now be taken online. We offer live webinars of the classes as well as posting each class online (recorded) if you can't make the live class times online!

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